Swefflings Feel Good Book Club - Second Monday of the month, 7 pm - 9 pm, at the Sweffling White Horse.

‘Inspire and uplift’ book club using the Samaritans www.thefeelgoodbookclub.com book list (click here to open the PDF).

The booklist contains books that inspire and uplift “From overcoming adversity to self-healing, stories of gratitude to bold awakenings ...... memorable books that will help you look at life differently – based on a different theme every month.”

Meet once a month on a Monday evening at the Sweffling White Horse. We sit around the lovely big table, with a spotlight and excellent soft and alcoholic drinks (..... not to mention £6 one-pot meals if you don’t have time to grab tea before we meet!).

(Don't have the book?  If you can't find them in the library or on the library's free audiobook service borrow box, We can share books once we have read them).


If you haven't been to a book club before, the outline of the evening (at present) is:

7.00 pm — social time (get a drink, some nibbles, meet each other)

7.30 pm — we make a start with the plot summary, looking at the theme card and treats, then the book discussion led by this month's guide

8.45 pm — We choose a Sweffling feel-good score out of 10, and someone volunteers to be next month's guide


Dates  (Second Monday of the month 7 pm - 9 pm, at the Sweffling White Horse)

Monday 6th March 2023 - Thrown by Sara Cox (5.5/10)

Monday 17th April 2023 - The Museum of Ordinary People by Mike Gayle (7/10)

Monday 15th May 2023 - Death and Croissants by Ian Moore (5/10)

Monday 12th June 2023 - The People on Platform 5 by Clare Pooley (9.75/10)

Monday 10th July 2023 - Love In Colour by Bolu Babalola (4.25/10)

Monday 14th August 2023 - Mother Land by Leah Franqui

Monday 11th September 2023 - The Joy and Light Bus Company by Alexander McCall Smith

Monday 9th October 2023

Monday 13th November 2023

Monday 11th December 2023 - (Christmas party - come dressed as your favourite character from the books read this year)