During the Second World War, bowls were played in the garden of Colonel E. Clarke, of Sweffling.

After a few years lapsed the landlord of the Sweffling White Horse gathered together his customers and opened a green behind the pub. In 1985, the landlord changed, and they no longer wanted the club there; it was agreed to build a new green near the Village Hall which opened in 1988 in its current location.

Today, the SWHBC is a small friendly Bowls Club of just over 30 members (only 23 are active players).  We have teams in three local leagues, Saxmundham, Woodbridge and the Fynn league. 

Where we meet

Sweffling Bowls Club, Sweffling, Saxmundham IP17 2BN

(the green at Poplar Farm, adjacent to Sweffling Hut)


When we meet (& how often)

The bowling season runs from late April until early September.

We usually play on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


How to get involved

Lawn Bowls is a game for all, young or old, male or female and at any level of physical fitness. We are always interested in recruiting new players, young and old, and you are very welcome to join us, whether experienced or a novice.

Please contact Keith Cady (01728 603593) for more information. 
If you have never played before help will be at hand!

Key contacts

President - Alan Mayhew

Chairman - Keith Cady

Secretary - John Stanley

Treasurer - Anne Gladwell

Committee Members - Jean Hayes & Paul Richardson


Leagues entered

Saxmundham League - Two Wood with four teams of three people
Woodbridge League - Two Wood with four teams of three people
Fynn League - Three Wood with four teams of three people
Cup Matches - Saxmundham Knockout Cup & Salter cup

Other club activities

Club competitions - Mens, Ladies singles

George Holden Tray

Leslie's Day

Church Cup

Johnny Blyth Shield

Other Clubs Competitions

County and League Competitions